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Arctic Monkey Bites

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July 7, 2017
Arctic Monkey Bites Final 2Arctic Monkey Bites Final 2
Prep time

A fun summer treat with just 3 ingredients, bananas, unsweetened organic dark chocolate, peanut butter.


  • 1
  • 1/2
    Organic unsweetened dark chocolate bar
  • 2-3 Tablespoons
    Organic all natural peanut butter


  1. Assemble your ingredients.

    Bananas, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Ingredients for Arctic Monkey Bites
  2. Slice the bananas and place on a cookie sheet or plate.

    Sliced bananas for arctic monkey bites
  3. Melt 1/2 of the chocolate bar in the microwave. Mine took about 1.5 minutes.

    Melted unsweetened dark chocolate for arctic monkey bites
  4. Put a small drop of peanut butter on each banana slice.

    Peanut butter on sliced banana for arctic monkey bites
  5. Put a drop of melted chocolate on top of the drop of peanut butter. We often eat the whole batch just like this or pop them in the freezer and eat after a hike on a hot summer day.

    Final picture arctic monkey bites
  6. Enjoy!

    Arctic Monkey Bites Final 2
Nutrition: Fresh banana slices, peanut butter, and dark chocolate. Eat as much of these as you like! They are so good for you.


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