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Blueberry Gummy Bears

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July 13, 2017
Ready to eat blueberry gummy buttons.Ready to eat blueberry gummy buttons.
Serves 6
Cooling rack or food dehydrator
Parchment paper
Prep time

These crazy little blueberry bites are just dried blueberries, but you only dry them 1/2 way.  When you’re craving gummy bears, but don’t want all the sugar and artificial ingredients, these are perfect.


  • 2 Cups
    Fresh or frozen blueberries


  1. Spread the parchment paper over the cookie sheet and place the drying rack on the parchment paper, or you can just spread them on the rack of a food dehydrator if you have one.

    The oven/cookie sheet method will be faster (8-9), but if I'm using the food dehydrator I just dry them through the day and over night.

    Lined cookie sheet for blueberry gummy buttons
  2. Spread the blue berries evenly over the cooling rack.

    Ready to go in the oven blueberry gummy buttons
  3. If you're using the oven cookie sheet method just place the sheet of blueberries in the oven on warm about 170 degrees and bake them for 8-9 hours.

    Baking blueberries for making blueberry gummy buttons.
  4. They are done when they look like this. I call them 1/2 dried blueberries because you leave a little moisture in them to give them that gummy bear like texture. If you 1/2 dry them, you'll need to store them in the fridge if you are going to keep them more than a couple of days.

    If you want to store them longer at room temperature, you can dry them all the way just like raisins which are yummy, but they will lose a little bit of the fresh blueberry flavor.

    1/2 dried blueberry gummy buttons
  5. Enjoy!

    Ready to eat blueberry gummy buttons.
  6. These make great road food, backpacking treats, or keep in your desk at work goodies. You can store them in mini mason jars or a light weight snack bag.

  7. Here they are spread out in my food dehydrator.

    Using a food dehydrator for blueberry gummy buttons.
Nutrition: All blue foods are super foods loaded with antioxidants and blueberries are little rockstars of the blue food group. Blueberries contain lots of anthocyanins, one of the most powerful antioxidants and they are one of the highest rated foods on the O.R.A.C. (short for oxygen radical absorbance capacity) scale, a rating that measures the antioxidant capacity of foods.


  1. Sam Gordon


    I can’t wait to try this. I have plenty of blueberries!

    • Beth Robeson


      Let me know what you think of them. They are so easy and one of my favorite treats. I’ve even used frozen blueberries! LOL.

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